MAHSTA Background

Malaysian Allied Health Science Tutor Association is a government professional organization founded in 2014. It is amongst the pioneer of its kind in South East Asia. With more than 100 members within its first year, it is successfully serving the needs of its members in promoting the field of Allied Health Education, providing professional training, forums for the exchange of ideas and information plus representing the interests of Medical and Allied Health and those they provide service for. MAHSTA is also an affiliate member of the numerous professional agencies and bodies in pursuit of national and international recognition and standing.



The logo for this association is the concept of books, medicine, and spirituality. The integration between these three elements makes an instructor a professional and competent person in performing their duties. Therefore, it is appropriate for these three elements to be highlighted in being a symbol of the teaching profession. The support of the crescent element on the book symbol and the Caduceus in this symbol shows that members value the noble (spiritual) values ​​in carrying out their duties as instructors to prospective allied health scientists.

The Meaning of Element in the Logo

Books are a source of knowledge that leads to excellence. The tiered books give meaning, the integration of streams brought by the members of the association in various disciplines of medical personnel. The symbol of this book also forms the letter “U” which means three categories of instructors who are members of the association that give the foundation of success to this association. The caduceus is a symbol of allied health around the world. It symbolizes the professionalism of a paramedic especially a member
association in carrying out their duties and responsibilities in their respective professions. The crescent moon is a symbol of the pure (spiritual) values ​​in the soul of every teacher. These good elements are a responsibility that must be absorbed to the students to become excellent human beings in the future. Generating Professional Excellence is the motto of this association, it shows the seriousness of each member to develop the teaching scheme profession to be the best in the service in the future. The word on this circle symbol refers to the name of the association that has been approved by the Registrar of Societies. It is a symbol of pride for members in going through life as an “Instructor”. The circle on this word gives the meaning of consensus that occurs to all members of the association.

The Meaning of Color in Association Logo

  • Light blue: Cooperative, united, harmonious, and loving.
  • Dark blue: Success and excellence
  • White: Purity and cleanliness.
  • Purple: Firmness and firmness