MAHSTA New Member

If you already understand the classes of our membership, please consider to proceed with the following details to join our organization:

  1. Make payment (RM40) for new membership application;
  2. Add to Cart, View Cart, and Proceed to Checkout;
  3. Complete your Payment Gateway;
  4. Enter your details into our Online Membership Platform;
  5. Join our Telegram (Click Here) for updates/ question and answer;
  6. Our team will verify your payment and proceed with the email confirmation as members;
  7. Join our Forum and actively involve.

New Membership Fees

RM50.00 RM40.00

New Membership Fees:

  1. Registration Fees(RM10)
  2. Current Year Membership Fees (RM30)

After Accepted as Member You will Get:

  1. Online Membership Management System (OMMS) Access
  2. Benefit as Active Member
  3. Join free webinar/ training
  4. Professional Development and growth